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Austria Report

Nature of OMFS (pick)
Dual degree OMFS mandated
Timing of second degree (if any) Dentistry before or during specialty training
Length of specialty training
4 yrs
Number of OMFS specialists

OMFS surgeons (total) : 281 (220 male, 61 female)

OMFS working in hospitals: 68 ( 49 male, 19 female)

OMFS in (private) practice: 213 (171 male, 42 female)

Number of OMFS trainees
45 (33 male, 12 female) 
(in addition to the 281 surgeons)
Number of OMFS training rotations
Major (Hub) units
National Specialty Assoc
Oesterreichische Gesellschaft fuer Mund-, Kiefer- und Gesichtschirurgie
Contact for specialty association


Prim. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. Werner Millesi
Institut für Mund-, Kiefer-, Gesichtschirurgie und Zahnheilkunde
Klinik Hietzing
Wolkersbergenstraße 1
1130 Wien
Tel.: +43 1 801 10 3201

Medical Assoc (confirming status)
Oesterreichische Aerztekammer
Section representative
DDr. Michael Oeckher
Board representative
Univ. Prof. DDr. Gert Santler
Oral Surgery

Number of oral surgeons
In hospital practice: 0
In office practice: 0
Oral surgery training duration
no Oral Surgery training established

Update on national scene - No

Changes since last year
New Austrian aesthetic law allows full scope of aesthetic procedures for plastic surgeon only. Performing aesthetic rhinoplasties, blepharoplasties and otoplasties is not allowed for Oral-Maxillo-Facial Surgeons having started their training after 2015.
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