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Belgium Report

Nature of OMFS:

Dual degree OMFS  ( diploma’s DDS and MD are included)
Legally : first level is of specialty is “Stomatology” , an additive level of “special competence in Maxillofacial Surgery”  is obtained after an extra 2 years of full time specialty training.

  • In the Flemish region (60 % of population) , no candidate was allowed to stop at the  Stomatology level diploma’s since 1995, only Stomatology with OMFS competence ( second level ) was an option, (by decision of the Flemish training centres, beyond the federal law)
  • In the French region (40% of population) diploma’s at both levels Stomatology ( 5 y after MD)   or  Stomatology with OMFS competence (7 y after MD) are  been issued.  (conform the actual federal law)
Timing of second degree:

The Flemish region: possession of both diploma’s are a condition to start specialty training

Starting as MD:  MD+ DDS (6+3-4) = 9 years + 4 years of Specialty training: 13 years

Starting as DDS: DDS+MD (5+4) = 9 years + 4 years of Specialty training: 13 years

The French region:

Candidate DDS’s : both diploma’s are an access condition: (5+4+2+2): 13 years

Candidate MD’s obtain the DDS diploma during the first 5 yrs of training: (6+5+2): 13 years

In the French region an MD candidate can start immediately the Specialty training during which he/she will simultaneously go through a full adapted dental surgery training (yielding a DDS diploma) leading to the legal title of Stomatology after 5 years ( 6+ 5= 11 years).  In order to qualify for the OMFS competence an extra 2 years of additive full time Specialty training are imposed (+2) = 13 years

Starting as DDS, a candidate (5years )  needs the additional MD diploma (4 years) before he/she may enter the specialty training for Stomatology (+2 years) , facultatively he/she can continue for  OMFS competence (+2 years) = 13 years


Difference between Flemish/French

In the French region:

Those who start as MD, are already in OMFS training whilst obtaining the dental diploma.
A candidate may decide to limit the training level to “Stomatology” (2 years less).

But this happened only in 3 cases in over 10 years (self-regulation by the candidates)

Length of OMFS specialty training:
4 years
Number of OMFS specialists:
264 with active practice with the numbers in slight decline from year to year
Number of OMFS trainees:

total, after MD&DDS    30  (Flemish) + 10  (French)  =  40
new residents per year:  10  (Flemish) +   5  ( French) =  16
(6 KUL + 2 RUG + 1 UIA + 1 VUB        //     2 UCL + 3 ULB)

Number of OMFS training rotations:

6 main recruitment centres = the universities

15 clinical training centres

  • 6 university centres,
  • 9 affiliated Belgian centres
Major (Hub) units: Flemish Region:

KUL:  Catholic University of Leuven

RUG:  State University of Ghent

UIA:   University Institution of Antwerp

VUB: Free University of Brussels

rotation centres


Antwerp: Monica Eeuwfeestkliniek

Antwerp: UIA

Antwerp: ZNA Middelheim

Bruges: AZ St Jan

St. Niklaas: AZ. St. Niklaas

Brussels: VUB

Genk: ZOL

Hasselt: Jessa

Ghent: RUG

Leuven: UZL

Foreign centers: mainly in the Netherlands / Germany / UK / USA

Major (Hub) units: French Region:

UCL:   Université Catholique de Louvain Bruxelles

ULB:   Université Libre de Bruxelles

rotation centers
Bruxelles: ULB Erasme

Bruxelles: ULB St Pierre

Bruxelles: UCL St Luc

Bruxelles: Reine Fabiola (HUDERF)

Charleroi: Hôpital Civil

Liège: St Joseph

Mons: Ambroise Paré

Namur: St Elisabeth

Foreign centres: mainly in France / Switzerland
National Specialty Association:

Scientific Society : KBVSMFH / SRBSCMF: www.

Koninklijke Belgische Vereniging van Stomatologie en Maxillofaciale Heelkunde
Societé Royale Belge de Stomatologie et de Chirurgie Maxillo-faciale

Professional Union of OMF Surgeons:


Verbond der Belgische Beroepsverenigingen van Artsen Specialisten
Groupement des Unions Professionnelles Belges de Médecins Spécialistes

Contact for specialty association:

Belgian Medical Association
President of Scientific Association:
Blaise Kovacs
President of the Professional Union of OMF Surgeons:
Blaise Kovacs

Medical Association (‘confirming’ status):
+32  2 649 21 47
UEMS:  Section representative:


Board representative:

Oral Surgery:

No "oral surgery" program does exist in Belgium
Number of oral surgeons: 0
In hospital practice: 0
In office practice: 0

Oral surgery training duration 3 years minimum (but most are 4 year programmes): 0

Update on national scene – No

The situation in Belgium with respect to the OMFS specialty education remains grossly stable.

In Belgium, we as a Professional & Scientific Society ( KBVSMFH / SRBSCMF) , are definitely for the implementation of a double diploma in OMFS specialty.

In the French speaking part of Belgium, dental training and diploma are obtained along the clinical specialty training after initial MD diploma’s) ,

In the Flemish part a double degree  is an access requirement to the clinical specialty training, and equal opportunities exist both ways  10 years ( MD first/ DDS first)   

One remarkable progress we can proudly report is that In the Flemish area of Belgium, at the university of Leuven, we were successful in adapting the integration between medical and dental education, while reducing the undergraduate stage  with one year, starting in 2016/2017

The dual qualification (with both diploma’s of MD and of DDS) can be obtained  both ways ( MD first or DDS first) in 9 years !   ( instead of 10 years)

Moreover, there is a partial monthly stipend provided for the students in the second undergraduate level, after having obtained the first diploma ( i.c. medical)  )

We consider this to be a major achievement, which was possible by mutual constructive interaction between the educational committees of Medicine and Dentistry. This professional benevolence of the university’s teaching institutions together with major educational transformations which have been imposed upon us by European ruling, enabled this major revision at the bachelor and double master level.

A – The diploma of medicine had to be made obtainable in a period of 6 years in Belgium  (instead of 7 years until now)  due to European Harmonization  

( info: basic Dental Surgery Diploma is achievable in  5 years, before any specialization –including license ‘general dental practice’ => +1 year) )

B -- The principle of the Bachelor Master structure which started in 1999 as Bologna process reshapes the “European higher educational Space”

using the  ECTS and the possibility of individually adapted study tracks.

Note that in Belgium the dual education ( MD/DDS)  is recognized by the government as a necessary basement for the OMFS Specialty, and there exists no legal impediment during  the undergrad period against obtaining as a second diploma (dental or medical). Equal opportunities are respected this way.

For , early deciders, in Medical and in Dental school the Belgian medical specialist degree of Mond-, Kaak- en Aangezichtschirurg  ( OMFS)  ,may  be obtained in 13 years instead of 14 years, due to optimal integration at the  bachelor and double master levels between both undergraduate studies .

Joseph Schoenaers

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secretary medical specialist recognition service French:

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