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Estonia Report

Nature of OMFS
Oral and Maxillofacial (single degree medicine)
Timing of second degree
Before 1992 obtained University degree was MD and after 1992 graduated DDS. Two our OMF surgeons involved study to have degree (MD degree).
Length of speciality training
5 years
Numbers of OMS
specialist 28
Numbers of OMS trainees
OMS training rotations
National Speciality Assoc.
Eesti Näo- ja lõualuukirurgia Selts
Contact for speciality
Section representative
Tiia Tamme
Board representative
Tiia Tamme
Number of OMS
In hospital: 10
In office: around 20
Update on national scene - Yes

Changes since last year

We have the same problems as our Finnish colleagues: difficulties to have double degree (MD or DDS) because University asks the same level admission exam as the high-school graduates. No privileges for OMFS.

The last couple of years we had continues talking with our University and Ministry authorities, that this system needs to be changed, but until now, we havent got success.