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Germany Report

Nature of OMFS
(The speciality of OMFS is part of the faculty of medicine)
Dual degree OMFS (mandated: FULL medical and FULL dental training)
Timing of second degree (if any)
6 years medicine + 5 years dentistry; can be achieved in 9,5 years if starting from medicine, or less when starting medical and dental degree at the same time)
Length of specialty training
after basic qualification (double degree)
5 years (+ 2 years for facial plastic surgery,
one of these is included in the 5 years of OMFS training)
Number of OMFS specialists
> 1900
Number of OMFS trainees
> 70 (members of the German Society for Maxillofacial Surgery, about 250 additional medical trainees without membership)
Number of OMFS training rotations
not applicable
Major (Hub) units
about 70
National Specialty Assoc.
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mund-,Kiefer- und Gesichtschirurgie e.V. (DGMKG)
Contact for specialty association
Geschäftsstelle der DGMKG
Schoppastrasse 4
D-65719 Hofheim
Tel. +49 (0)6192 206303
Medical Assoc (confirming status)
German Medical Association (Bundesaerztekammer as NMA, confirming via SpiFa  - Spitzenverband Deutscher Fachärzte - )
Section representative
Dr. Dr. Hans-Peter Ulrich, Dr.  Dr. Martin Keweloh
Observer: PD Dr. Dr. Felix Blake
Board representative
Dr. Dr. Hans-Peter Ulrich, Prof. Dr. Dr. Frank Hölzle
Oral Surgery (the speciality of Oral Surgery is part of the faculty of dentistry)
Number of oral surgeons
about 2700 (the vast majority is not to differentiate from a general dentist in the work spectrum)
Oral surgery training duration
depending on the federal interpretation of the dental training requirements (MWBO ) of the German Dental Chamber (Bundeszahnaerztekammer) by 17 regional German dental chambers in 16 federal states (3-4 years, training in some regional German dental chambers  the whole training is acknowledged if done  in private practice only,  without implementation any of clinical experience, in others the minimum clinical time is 2 years)

Update on national scene - Yes

Changes since last year

As to Annex V / footnote, 5.1.3 of the Directive 2005/36/EC we can report, that the German Federal Ministry of Health provided us with a sophisticated interpretation of the wording of the footnote:

“ The wording of the footnote has to be considered against the background of Article 25, subsection 1 of the Directive 2005/36/EC.
According to Article 25, subsection 1, which is authoritative for the specialist training …the admission for specialist training requires that basic medical studies …have been completed and validated.
The wording of the footnote is that training leading to the award of evidence of formal qualifications as a specialist in dental, oral and maxillo-facial surgery requires that basic medical studies…as well as basic dental studies …have been completed and validated. In the footnote it does not say “admission” to training as a specialist in dental, oral and maxillo-facial surgery.
Thus, in our opinion, from the different wording it results that it is not necessary to have completed the basic dental studies already prior to start of training (admission) as a specialist in dental, oral and maxilla-facial surgery. Therefore, we do not consider a modification of the footnote to be necessary.”
(Letter of the Federal Ministry of Health to the German Medical Association / 19th October 2016)
By this very clear statement  ”national problems –here non-uniform interpretation of the footnote by the German Medical Association on the one hand and the Regional Medical Associations of Bavaria and Lower-Saxony on the other hand- will  be solved .”

The German Delegation reported about this non-uniform interpretation repeatedly during the sessions of UEMS-OMFS Section & Board!

there might be a chance of a common trunk for medicine and dentistry in the first 2 years of education
ENT, Plastic Surgery as always and “Dermatology”
Useful resources and links MWBO_Englisch.pdf