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Nature of OMFS

Dual degree OMFS (mandated since year 2000)

Timing of second degree (if any)

Pre-specialty training (6 years medicine + 5 years dentistry; can be achieved in less years if starting medical and dental degree at the same time)

Length of specialty training

4 years

Number of OMFS specialists

33 (33% female)

Number of OMFS trainees

8   (50% female)

Number of OMFS training rotations


Major (Hub) units


National Specialty Assoc.

Latvian Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

Contact for specialty association


Medical Assoc (confirming status)

Latvian Medical Association

Board representative

Prof. Girts Salms and assist. prof. Ieva Bagante

Section representative

Prof. Girts Salms and assist. prof. Ieva Bagante

Oral Surgery

Is not a specialty in Latvia

Number of oral surgeons


Update on national scene

Increased number of residency positions last year (3) positions.

Changes since last year

The average number of new positions is 1 per year in the following 3 years.


There are free full time equivalent jobs available.


Many OMFS work in private practice as oral surgeons
(dental surgery/ implantology)
ENT specialists, Plastic Surgeons.

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