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Nature of OMFS (pick)

Maxillofacial (single degree medicine) – since 2004.

`Until 2004 was the possibility to obtain the degree „maxillofacial surgeon“ after dental or medical education (degree). Situation was changed in 2004 after Lithuania joined EU in 2003. Since then the surgeons who had obtained  the degree of „maxillofacial surgeon“ after dental degree before 2004 were renamed in to „oral and maxillofacial surgeon“ and after medical graduation – „maxillofacial surgeons“

Some of OMF surgeons have double degree while obtained medical degree after dental degree  (4 persons), one obtained dental degree after medicine.

Length of specialty training
5 years
Number of OMFS specialists

49 (23 - after medical degree (MD), 15  - after dental degree (DD), 11 - with two  degrees (MD and DD)

2024 Gender numbers: Female - 12, Male - 42.

Number of OMFS trainees
Number of OMFS training rotations


Centre of Oral and Maxillofacial  Surgery Vilnius University (located in Vilnius university hospital Zalgiris clinic)

Clinic of Maxillofacial Surgery Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (Kaunas)

Department of Maxillofacial Surgery Klaipeda University Hospital

Major (Hub) units
Some single maxillofacial surgeons works in other hospitals
National Specialty Assoc.
Lithuanian Assoc. of Maxilofacial Surgeons
Contact for specialty association

Medical Assoc (confirming status)

Section representative
Assoc. Prof. Linas Zaleckas
Board representative
Assoc. Prof. Linas Zaleckas
Oral Surgery
Total number of lincence for oral surgeons – 109, 2 of them are also OMFS
The exact numeber of oral and also maxillofacial surgeons who are working in hospital and/or office practice is unknow because some of these specialist are working in both practices, the same is with MF surgeons.
Oral surgery training duration
3 years

Update on national scene - No