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Slovenia Report

Year of Update
Nature of OMFS (pick)
Dual degree OMFS (mandated)
Timing of second degree (if any)
7 years
Length of specialty training
48 months for residents with double degree before beginning of residency, additional 36 months for residents with 1 degree only
Number of OMFS specialists
Number of OMFS trainees
Number of OMFS training rotations
Major (Hub) units
University medical centre Ljubljana,
National Specialty Assoc.
Združenje za maksilofacialno in oralno kirurgijo Slovenije
Contact for specialty association
Prof. Natasa Ihan Hren, MD, DMD
Medical Assoc (confirming status)
Medical chamber of Slovenia
Section representative
Prof. Natasa Ihan Hren, MD, DMD
Board representative
Prof. Natasa Ihan Hren, MD, DMD
Oral Surgery

Number of oral surgeons
In hospital practice: 0
In office practice: 25
Oral surgery training duration
4 years

Update on national scene - Yes

Changes since last year
Changes in rotation of OMFS, shortening of peripheral rotations, lengthening OMFS rotation
Clinical Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, University Medical Centre Ljubljana: office practice
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