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United Kingdom Report

Nature of OMFS
Dual degree OMFS (mandated)
Timing of second degree (if any)
Prior to higher training
Length of specialty training
5 years (with extra 1 year within training for cleft or head & neck cancer)
Number of OMFS specialists 500 (10% female)
Number of OMFS trainees
145 (23% female)
Number of OMFS training rotations
Major (Hub) units
National Specialty Assoc.
British Assoc of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons
Contact for specialty association
Medical Assoc (confirming status)
British Medical Association
Board representative
David Keith
Section representative
Mr Patrick Magennis (President of OMFS Section)

Update on national scene - Yes

UK has left EU
Brexit has not had an immediate impact because the UK regulator has agreed that for 2 years EU qualifications will be recognised. If a DOMFS specialist is interested in joining the OMFS specialist list in the UK, it would seem prudent that they do this before Dec 2023, as the arrangements after that may change.
Number of oral surgeons
In hospital practice: 30 (mostly in dental schools)
In office practice: 200
Oral surgery training duration
3 years minimum (but most are 4 year programmes)
Theoretically having left the EU, postive changes to the UK medical regulator's interpretation of the infamous footnote in Annex V (which has interpreted as mandating both degrees before training can start). OMFS will try to gain approval to create training programmes with an integrated dental degree.
Increasing number of medical schools allocating 1-2 places specifically for OMFS trainees (Liverpool, Birmingham, Royal London).
Medical and dental schools providing shortened (graduate entry) courses for OMFS trainees (3-4 years).

Cost of second degree.

Changes in visa regulations has reduced those coming from non-EU countries who wish to pursue a career in OMFS (a source of many current specialists).
Changes in pension and pay for trainees and consultants.

Useful resources and links



CME Requirements

PMETB Review of training in OMFS (which confirmed the value of two degrees for training in OMFS)
Important GMC documents related to OMFS training

OMFS - Workforce Report from RCS England

Mandated 250 hr per 5 year cycle medical regulator
Mandated individual appraisal of practice
5 yearly review of above to be re-licenced

Requirements by dental regular overlaps
250 per 5 years
Personal Development Plan (PDP)
Irritating differences for dually registered surgeons
(certificates are not laid out in same way for dental/medical e.g. points v hours)