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Breaking News - OMFS ETR Approved by UEMS - now adopted as official document

OMFS ETR was supported yesterday by the UEMS Advisory Board at a hybrid meeting and today voted through at Council becoming an official UEMS document after a presentations by Hans-Peter Ulrich, and following some questions from colleagues.

The vote at the Advisory Board was 25 for, 3 against, and 7 abstention. At UEMS Council the vote was closer with 13 for, 11 against and 6 abstensions,

This means the ETR is now an official UEMS document and will soon be on the UEMS website. If you can't wait, it is available here.

All ETRs are living documents. Updating and improving the ETR starts today! If you have any advice as to how to improve this document, we are very happy to hear from you. Use the 'submit comment' link on this website.


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