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Hans-Peter Ulrich's contributions to OMFS in Europe and Germany recognises with honorary membership of DGMKG

DGMKG (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mund-, Kiefer- und Gesichtschirurgie) is the German OMFS scientific society. The... Read more

UEMS Executive, OMFS Section and our French delegates work together to correct error in EU Directive 2005/36 Annex V

The OMFS Section always monitors Annex V for and changes. Last year, we were the first to spot that the French... Read more

Latvia formally moves to dual degree OMFS in the most recent Annex V table of Directive 2005

We are very happy to pass on the news that Latvian OMFS is now formally recognised as dual degree OMFS (called Dental,... Read more

2024 Meeting of OMFS Section of UEMS in Brussels

The Pullman Hotel was again the venue for our annual OMFS Section meeting. The focus of the morning meeting was... Read more

March 2024 - Second European OMFS Trainee Forum Welcomes Ukrainian Trainee

On March 2nd 2024, in Brussels, the European OMFS Trainee Forum met for the second time. Co-chaired by Behrus Puladi... Read more

2024 Pre-Specialist Assessment Dates Announced for September - 3 times/dates for Europe, America and Asia/Oceana

All pre-specialist trainees, and specialists wishing to practice before sitting the EBOMFS, are invited to improve... Read more