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EACMFS and OMFS Section of UEMS sign formal agreement to work together for the specialty in Europe

After many years of informal collaboration, Prof Julio Acero - President of EACMFS (the European specialist society) and Patrick Magennis - President of the OMFS Section of UEMS together signed a new Memorandum of Understanding on behalf of both organisations.

The agreement covers practical collaboration with joint projects like the Pre-Specialisation Assessment. It also highlights how the European Board Examination in OMFS is usually co-located with the EACMFS Congress. The Madrid exam awarding the Fellowship of the European Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (FEBOMS) was a success with almost 90 candidates. The next EBOMS exam will be just before the EACMFS Congress in Rome 2024. The Congress dates are 17–20 September 2024.

Prof Julio Acero said "As I come toward the end of my Presidency of the European Assocation of Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgeons, it means a lot that the bond between EACMFS and UEMS is strengthened. The OMFS European Training Requirement (ETR) is a step forward for the specialty world wide. At this conference over 2000 surgeons from all around the world have seen what we can do in theatres, in the clinic and when we work together for the good of our patients".

Patrick Magennis said "Every delegate at this congress was given a book documenting the way that OMFS surgeons have worked together for the first 50 years of EACMFS. UEMS, as organisation, is a little over 60 years old. Together we are entering our prime. The future looks bright and it will be even better as we share the workload of advancing our specialty for the benefit of our patients".


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