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Dual Degree OMFS Working Group 2023 - Exciting New Development

Original plans for this group were frustrated by the pandemic. The complexity of the topic required a face-to-face meeting. And so it was that the OMFS Section and the European OMFS Trainee Forum gathered together to problem-solve issues about dual degree OMFS in Europe.

Trainees and delegates from nations where OMFS is not currently a recognised medical specialty tapped into the knowledge and experience around the table. Blaise Kovacs - President of the OMFS Board - explained how he has been present within UEMS from the beginning for our specialty. He welcomed that this group was about helping colleagues advance the specialty in their own nations.

Hans-Peter Ulrich, who chaired the working group, kept the focus on the agenda aiming for impactful action points and measurable outcomes. He explained that patience would be required. Change may take time, but enormous progress has been made since the start of the OMFS Section. The Section is not lacking enthusiasm, expertise or determination.

Trainees from Sweden and Denmark were particularly active during the meeting.

All present agreed that the group would meet again next year, and have an interim Zoom meeting before then to assess progress.

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