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262 OMFS Trainees Across the Globe Participate in 2023 Pre-Specialist Assessment

The 2023 edition of the Pre-Specialist Assessment was the most successful so far.

This assessment is a formative assessment aimed at OMFS trainees of any level. Its purpose is to help trainees discover their unknown unknowns by completing a 50 question 'Single Best Answer' online MCQ. Formative assessments are assessments for learning rather than of learning. The questions cover the full breadth of the syllabus defined in the OMFS European Training Requirement published by UEMS.

A total of 262 trainees participated across three days, 10 took part in the pilot in Aachen, 190 participated on Thursday 7th September 2023 and 62 on Sunday 10th 2023. A total of 59 trainees registered but did not participate.

The nations with the most participants were Spain 46, UK 44, Germany 31, Italy 23, Belgium 16 and Pakistan 12. The full list is below. The results for each participating country are shown in this box and whisker graph.

Next year we plan to run the next Pre-Specialist Assessment early in September. The website to register will be the usual site provided by our friends at Ektimo

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