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March 2024 - Second European OMFS Trainee Forum Welcomes Ukrainian Trainee

On March 2nd 2024, in Brussels, the European OMFS Trainee Forum met for the second time. Co-chaired by Behrus Puladi (OMFS representative for European Junior Doctors – EJD from German) and Lara Watson (deputy trainee representative of the European Association of Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgeons EACMFS from the UK) they had a busy day.

Business included presentations from the EACMFS, discussion about forthcoming peer review papers and lots of friendship/fellowship.

In the afternoon the EOTF joined the OMFS Section of UEMS to discuss ‘The Future of OMFS in Europe’. There were lots of stimulating exchanges

There were 20 trainees from all over Europe participating in the forum.  including Albania 1, Belgium 2, France 1, Germany 1, Greece 2, Italy 2, Latvia 2, Luxembourg 1, Netherlands 1, Spain 1, Sweden 1, Ukraine 1 and United Kingdom (UK) 4.

An exciting development was the offer from EACMFS that trainees attending the Forum should include EACMFS delegates from each EACMFS member nation and that this attendance would be supported by EACMFS. The details will be discussed in the next few months. Watch This Space!

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