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OMFS ETR supported by UEMS Advisory Board but is not passed by UEMS Council

At the recent 'virtual' meeting of UEMS Advisory Board on April 23, the OMFS ETR received the 2/3 majority from the UEMS Sections (representatives of all the specialty groups) required by the UEMS Rules of Procedure (RoP). There was considerable discussion, mostly related to confusion from some Sections about the definition of a knowledge base and surgical competencies.

The following day UEMS Council narrowly (by 4 votes) did not support the OMFS ETR.

When an ETR is supported by the Advisory Board and not by UEMS Council, the RoP gives responsibility to the UEMS Executive Committee to work with the authors and those who did not support the ETR to find a route forward.

The OMFS UEMS Section and Board hope this will be resolved in the next UEMS meeting currently planned for Cyprus in October.

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