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Big Day for OMFS at UEMS Hybrid Meeting of Advisory Board and Council

Three successful campaigns completed at UEMS.

OMFS European Training Requirement (ETR) Approved by UEMS Advisory Board and Council
This document now becomes an official document of UEMS. It will be available, with all the other ETRs, on the official UEMS website ETRs are living documents, so preparation of our revised and improved version starts now. All ideas and contributions gratefully received.

Multi-Disciplinary Joint Committee (MJC) Head and Neck Surgery created
An MJC is an open to all forum for all specialties to work together for the benefit of our patients. The next step will be for all specialties Sections to submit delegates and then have an election to appoint the chair and secretary. THEN THE REAL WORK STARTS.

Election of Chair and Secretary of Surgical Group within UEMS (Group II)


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