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2024 Meeting of OMFS Section of UEMS in Brussels

The Pullman Hotel was again the venue for our annual OMFS Section meeting. The focus of the morning meeting was... Read more

March 2024 - Second European OMFS Trainee Forum Welcomes Ukrainian Trainee

On March 2nd 2024, in Brussels, the European OMFS Trainee Forum met for the second time. Co-chaired by Behrus Puladi... Read more

2024 Pre-Specialist Assessment Dates Announced for September - 3 times/dates for Europe, America and Asia/Oceana

All pre-specialist trainees, and specialists wishing to practice before sitting the EBOMFS, are invited to improve... Read more

Final Report of 2023 Pre-Specialist Assessment by OMFS Section of UEMS

Summary of Participation 2023 Pre-Specialist Assessment. Provided by OMFS Section of UEMS with support from EACMFS... Read more

262 OMFS Trainees Across the Globe Participate in 2023 Pre-Specialist Assessment

The 2023 edition of the Pre-Specialist Assessment was the most successful so far. This assessment is a formative... Read more

2023 Pre-Specialist Assessments on Sept 7 and Sept 10 2023 - All Trainees Welcome

OMFS Pre Specialization Formative MCQ – only you see your results Two sittings 7 Sept 8 pm CET (Europe) & Sun 10 Sept... Read more